Revise your contribution

To revise your fix or submission to Push, you basically do what you’ve been doing: make changes, add and commit, and push to your copy of Push. Your pull request to the main Push repository will update accordingly; but below are ways to address a specific reviewer’s comments.

Step-by-Step Instructions

On GitHub

Watch the comments that will appear under your pull request. As you receive suggestions, you can discuss them further with the reviewers on GitHub.

On Your Computer

You’ll do this each time you make revisions to your work.

Keep things easy for reviewers, and work on one reviewer’s feedback at a time–or if multiple reviewers have feedback on a similar issue, work on the issue. If you can, keep your work to address that issue as a single commit (or squash them into one); and when you commit, be sure to mention the GitHub usernames of reviewers whose feedback the commit addresses.

Note that commits will show up as part of the discussion on your pull request.

Next Steps

You’ve now covered all of the essential steps for making contributions to Push. Here are some additional, advanced topics that you can learn to impress your friends (or at least to solve some problems that sometimes creep up when using Git):

Documentation Is Rarely Perfect

Spot something wrong with this documentation? Please open an Issue on GitHub and tell us about it, or if you can, fork, clone, fix, and open a pull request.