Submit your work

You can push to your own copy of Push as often as you need to; once you’re ready to have your submission or fix reviewed, you’ll need to open a pull request on GitHub.

Step-by-Step Instructions

On GitHub

You’ll do this each time you make a new submission to Push .

  1. Navigate to your copy of Push in your GitHub account; switch to your submission branch using the branch pulldown menu on GitHub.

  2. Click the ‘Pull Request’ button at the top of the page. That will open up a new screen. At the lefthand side, GitHub should have chosen cwcon/push as the base repository, and master as the base branch. On the righthand side, you should see your repository listed as the head repository, and your submission branch as the head branch.

  3. In the box below, you’ll see the name of your most recent commit; if that is not descriptive of the changes you’re submitting, adjust the title (or consider squashing your commits before you start your pull request). Then provide a fuller description of your submission or changes in the larger text box.

  4. Hit the ‘Send pull request’ button, and sit tight and wait for feedback.

Next Steps

Now comes the waiting part, while other Push contributors review your work and offer you comments. Eventually, you almost certainly have to make revisions. Fortunately, Git is made for revision.

Documentation Is Rarely Perfect

Spot something wrong with this documentation? Please open an Issue on GitHub and tell us about it, or if you can, fork, clone, fix, and open a pull request.