Learn how to contribute to Push

Push is based on a whole stack of technologies that, while powerful, are not all that common on most digital writers’ computers. Push is meant to be a learning experience for all who work on it, and the learning starts here.

Each step (minus Step 0) will eventually include a captioned screencast as well as step-by-step instructions; Step 1 is the only step that currently has a screencast.1

The Basics

Contribute to Push in nine steps (not including computer prep):

Some Advanced Topics

The basics above are all you need to successfully contribute to Push. But if you want to dig deeper and impress your friends, dive into some of these advanced topics.

  1. If anyone would like to make screencasts of the computer setup instructions, please open an issue on GitHub to coordinate uploading the file to the Push YouTube account.

Documentation Is Rarely Perfect

Spot something wrong with this documentation? Please open an Issue on GitHub and tell us about it, or if you can, fork, clone, fix, and open a pull request.