The world’s shortest CFP

If you or your students write in plain text and there’s some computer language and rhetorical theory or princples involved, Push wants to help you develop and publish an openly reviewed article about it.

And that’s the Push CFP. Below are a few more details.

Two Guiding Principles

  1. Source is source. Whether you’re writing with source for markup, design, or full-on scripting and programming, write up your work and submit it to Push.

  2. Don’t let your experience level get in the way. Maybe you’ve gained insights from your very first time teaching HTML. Or maybe you have a radically new perspective for approaching a writing task with the assistance of an entire language or framework. Push seeks submissions by writers with all levels of experience working with source code.

Basic Article Guidelines

All article submissions to Push should be:

See the setup guide and the style guide for more information.

Queries Prior to Writing & Submitting

If you want feedback on an idea before you write, open a new issue on GitHub and write QUERY: at the beginning of the title for your query.