The Soft Launch of Push

Posted by Karl Stolley on 27 October 2012

I’m announcing the soft launch of Push today. I don’t even know what “soft launch” is supposed to mean. For me and for Push, it means that the bulk of the journal is in place enough to invite others to start working on it.

I have no confidence that this project will succeed, but in success or in failure, it will be an attempt at something new. In the coming days, I will be posting lots more about the genesis of Push and the technology and design decisions I made for this initial iteration.

There are still plenty of problems to solve (actually, I don’t see much of anything but problems right now), but that’s the cool thing about an iterative process that Git makes clear over time. As soon as I commit this post, I’ll be up to 111 commits since I started the real work on the project back on October 13, beginning with a sad little file.

But I don’t want to keep working alone on this. Please have a look at everything, including and especially how you can contribute to Push.

About Karl Stolley

Karl Stolley is associate professor of digital writing & rhetoric at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois.