Introducing Push

Push is a journal dedicated to publishing original research on writing with source code.


Push’s mission is:

A Different Approach to Open Access Publishing

To reinforce its mission and focus, the journal and the means by which people contribute rely on open technologies of source-level writing. The entirety of Push is openly available as a GitHub repository containing every line of source code, every submission and issue. There are absolutely no secrets here, and everything is open for public review and improvement.

And in stark contrast to the heavy, database-driven systems behind other digital journals, Push is just a humble collection of HTML files, compiled from Markdown source, pushed out to GitHub as the pages you’re looking at here. Lo-Fi all the way.

Help Wanted: Yours

So, let’s get started. Read a bit more about the journal. Check out the initial blog posts on the genesis and development of Push. Glance at the CFP, which is quite possibly the world’s shortest. And then learn how you can contribute to Push and help build a journal that will push the applied theory & practice of digital writing radically forward.